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As manufactures of CNC and manual machine parts and components, the L. A. Simpson Machine Company, has a wide range of machining and repair capabilities. L. A. Simpson Machine Company’s Management team and shop personnel include individuals with over 65 years in the pump manufacturing, repair, field services, field machining and general components machining business. As owners of Chas.G.Allen Inc, Allen Engineered Pumps & Services, and L. A. Simpson Machine Company we have a combined years of continued service to the public of over 183 years in manufacturing, repair and services business.

Our Monroe, NC facility houses over 15,000 square feet of machine tools and other process equipment, including 5 ton crane capacity. Additional storage and assembly space of 5,000 square feet give us the capability to perform a wide range of pump and other related equipment repair and manufacturing capabilities along with storage, distribution, and other general functions.

Our machining capability is extremely competitive on parts requiring approximately a two foot cube or more. SMC’s turning and facing capability is up to 60 inches, CNC lathes and machining centers can handle chuck work up to 28 inches and bar work up to 18 inches.

L. A. Simpson Machine Company’s complete CAD/CAM system provides cutting edge technology in today’s market place. The AutoCAD computer aided design system is flexible, and generally compatible with other CAD systems. The Master Cam Computer Aided Manufacturing System can interact with virtually every CAD system on the market. With modem transmission, and our Hewlet Packard plotter, engineering documentation can be moved back and forth quickly for review, approval, or simply drawing delivery.

Our inspection is performed by highly trained and qualified personnel. Included in our inspection is our coordinate measuring machines, hardness tester, granite surface plates and an assortment of measurement equipment that can cover virtually every inspection that may be required. Our QA program is currently based on AS9100, ISO 9001/2000, MIL-STD-45662A, NQA-1 also meeting the requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B for nuclear associated work.

We are also an ASME Section IX Certified welding and fabrication facility, performing a wide verity of welding activities. L. A. Simpson is also Certified SNTC-TC-1A for die penetrate testing.

L. A. Simpson Machine Company’s manufacturing skills, engineering capability, quality assurance program, and the total dedication of all our employees to customer satisfaction results in meeting and exceeding our customer’s most demanding requirements. We look forward to serving you and suggest you contact one of the following to discuss your interest and needs.